Jubilee Year Shofar Shemitah
Jubilee Year Shofar Shemitah
Events of the Jubilee Year
Sept. 14, 2015 to Oct. 2, 2016
Shemitah-Blood Moons
A Shemitah Year with four Blood Moons all on Jewish Feast Days may signal a special event from God.

Shemitah Year Events
Events of the Shemitah Year

Judgement on America
Parallels between America and ancient Israel foreshadow the possible coming Judgment of America.

A selections of books on this subject.

Blood Moons by Mark Biltz tells of historical events which affect Jews during past tetrads which fell on Jewish Feast Days.  This book is available on Amazon

Jonathan Cahn's book The Mystery of the Shemitah tells of important historical events that have raised up and pulled down America during Shemitah Years. This is available on Amazon

Jonathan Cahn's book The Harbinger tells of things and places around ground zero and Washington DC which are symbols of America defiance against God.  This book is available on Amazon

Islamic Anti-Christ
The Islamic Anti-Christ compares the prophesies in the Bible to the prophesies in the Koran.  They are very similar yet the exact opposite!  Two major religions view Christ and the Anti-Christ in exact opposite ways.

Watch how to prepare for War III.  

Expert Prepper tells what to Hoard

Strategic Relocation Documentary

Listen to Rick Wiles discuss the shooting in OR and other current events of the first week of Oct. 2015 in an interview with Ret. Gen. Boykin. True News Audio

Rick Wiles interviews Mena Lee Grebin on Oct. 13, 2015. Listen to what she sees coming to America.  True News Audio  

Jim Bakker guest Michael Snyder talks about current events.  Watch videos of the Jim Bakker Show, Oct. 12-14, 2015.  
Michael Snyder day 1
Michael Snyder day 2
Michael Snyder day 3

Many are saying that nothing happened during the Shemitah Year, but Jonathan Cahn talks about events of the past year, which has set the stage for God's judgment.  Oct. 21-29 2015
Jonathan Cahn on Jim Bakker show
Jonathan Cahn day 1 Shemitah effects on the Stock Markets around the world.
Jonathan Cahn day 2 How Satan is working to destroy Israel and America, by turning America from God. .
Jonathan Cahn day 3 The story of how the Jews are restored to their land after 2000 years during the Shemitah Year.
Jonathan Cahn day 5
Benjamin Netanyahu is given a prophecy about his presidency and the restoration of the Temple.
Jonathan Cahn day 6 The Rabbi talks about how the Throne of Lucifer affected the Cold War.
Jonathan Cahn day 7 The signs of God's judgment appearing in America summer of 2015.

Joel Richardson end time prophecy Joel Richardson talks about his vision of the end times.  Video Interview on Sid Roth Show

David Wilkerson's 1973 prophecy has come true on many points. Some of this prophecy is clearly about to be fulfilled.  David Wilkerson like many OT prophets was severely criticized by the mainstream church. Wilkerson's Prophecy.  

Jonathan Cahn  
Jonathan Cahn talks about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Nov. 23, 2015

Rick Wiles discusses the latest military events in Syria which could easily trigger World War III.
Nov. 24 Video.  Nov. 25 Video

John Guandolo is a former FBI counter terrorism officer who warns in this interview that Islam will one day strike with a Jihad attack on America that will set America on fire, and they will be aided by the current adminstration.
 Guandolo audio   

Interview with two retired top brass military officers on the treason that is within our government. This country is arming and training the terrorist that are killing the Christians in the Middle East.  Curry-Lyons audio   1/1/16

Rick Wiles plays a YouTube which discusses the words that Jesus used to describe Satan. When translated into Aramaic and Hebrew the words are chilling and creepy. Middle East expert says that Muslim's are openly talking how to bring about the End Time Battle 1/8/16

Rick Wiles talks on the Jim Bakker Show about current events. 1/04/16  
Day Two Rick Wiles 1/05/16  
Day Three Rick Wiles  1/06/16    

Rick Wiles interviews DHS whisleblower Phillip Haney. He expalins how DHS is being undermind, and how the Koran directs Muslim to kill the Infidels.
Words Matter Memo   3/11/16

While many people feel not much happened in 2015, but Jonathan Cahn talks about how the financial markets crashed during the month of Elul. He shows a number of new graphs. 4/12/16  

Gen. George Washington had a vision at Valley Forge in 1777 that there would be three wars fought on American Soil. The first was the Revolutionary War, the second was the Civil War and the third is yet to come but will be the worst according to Washington's vision.
Washington's Vision PDF  

Pastor Perry Stone gives America a warning about a coming Jihad attack on America. Dec. 2015 Perry Stone Warning PDF    

America has switched sides on the War on Terror since Obama took office. The USA is now actively supporting terrorist groups like ISIS who are killing Christians in the Middle East. Read report Switching Sides  

Listen to TruNews: International and national news you will not hear anywhere else, as most news organizations filter and spin the news. News here focuses on the End Times.

secret societies that control governments
This well researched video explores a number of secret societies and organizations which are connected, have vast power and money that work behind the scenes to control the media, education, and governments.  The video also shows how these organizations are fulfilling Biblical prophecy.  (2.5 hrs.)
Wake Up Call: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy  

General Albert Pike predicted three World Wars to come in 1871.  The first two where on the mark and the third one seems to be also unfolding as predicted. (PDF file)
Pike's Prediction of 3 World Wars.

Glenn Beck explains U.N. Agenda 21 which seeks to supersede U.S. law thus making the U.S.A. irrelevant as a free sovereign nation, and which is part of the New World Order agenda.   
Agenda 21   (1hr.)

Joel Skousen is a Christian ex-military officer with great insights to what the secret organizations are up to. He presents a very compelling and plausible game plan that they might use to set up their New World Order which involves starting World War III.
Satan's Agenda  (1hr.)

Mr. Skousen gives advice on how you should be preparing for WWIII.
Planing to Survive (2.5 hrs.)

The Book of Revelation speaks of Ten Kingdoms.  Amazingly the World has already been divided into Ten Kingdoms. Ten Kingdom Map (PDF) 

Illuminati Chart (PDF)  

Jonathan Cahn on the Jim Bakker show with new amazing insights.  
Day 1- May 27 2016  World wide debt, America continues to turn away from God, Ronald Reagan's prophetic warning and the Classic Pattern of Judgment.
Day 2- May 28 2016  Jonathan talks about the hand of God throughout history via the Abrahamic Covenant. 
Day 3- May 31 2016  Evil starts when the priest (church) abandon the word of God. The healing power from the tassels of Jesus garment, and the same design and colors of the Israeli flag. 
Day 4- June 1 2016  The Spirit of the Anti-Christ is growing.  A Norwegian woman's end time prophesy from 1968 is being fulfilled today. Apostasy. Gender blurring.
Day 5- June 2 2016  New insights of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Old Testament confirms the New Testament, and the connection to the rebirth of present day Israel. Rev. John Winthrop warning to America. 
Day 6- June 3 2016  Obama's prophetic legacy on America.

Tom Horn and Chris Putnamh have written a new book titled, The Final Roman Emperor, The Islamic AntiChrist, and the Vatican's Last Crusade. There are a number of amazing revelations they talk about that are in the book.   
Day 1- July 5 2016
Day 2- July 6 2016
Day 3- July 7 2016

Are We In the End Times?
View Prophecies from the Bible, Catholic prophecies and Islamic prophecies. Some have already happened and a number of others seem to be unfolding now!  
End Time Prophecies!   

Jonathan Cahn returns to the the Jim Bakker Show and his latest book is introduced. Jim says this book is the best book next the Bible he has ever read. 
Day 1- Aug 29
Day 2- Aug 30
Day 3- Aug 31
Day 4- Sept 1
Day 5- Sept 2
Day 6- Sept 5

Jonathan Cahn's newest book explores biblical text to new deeper meanings. The book is divided into 365 daily devotionals. Buy the book here.  NEW

For the past thirty years modern prophets have seen Americas cities on fire. They have all seen the same thing. One prophet had a vision that God's judgment will fall while a President from Chicago is in office. She had this vision back in 1985! This video links Biblical Text with what is happening now and predicts the start of World War III by the end of this year: 2016. I don't know if this is true but seems fits in with other prophecies.
2016 Prediction   NEW

Satan brought two World Wars on Germany.  Satan has his sights set on America. Read the Parallels between Nazi Germany and America today.  NEW
Parallels: Nazi Germany and America.

Listen to TruNews broadcast Oct. 3, 2016 in which Russia is reported preparing its citizens for a nuclear war.  
In a dire warning a Russian military leader says if Hillary is elected it means war.  TruNews Oct.12.  

Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn talks about the Harbinger of Baal. Rabbi Cahn shares more spiritual insights from Hebrew words.
Harbinger of Baal. Day 1  
Harbinger of Baal. Day 2  NEW
Mystery of the Jubilee Man  NEW
In this episode he talks about the relationship of the Arch of Baal in NYC to what his happening today in the USA.

Watch New Videos at bottom of left column
The Year of the Jubilee: 
One can not help, but be struck by the unique and very rare occurance of the Tetrad of four Blood Moons during the Shemitah of Shemitah's year, and now the Jubilee Year comes with yet another set of very unique features!

NEW:  Are we in the End Times?  The Bible has a number of Prophecies about the End Time events. The END TIMES Prophecy page list the End times events with description commentary. Some of the prophecies have already happened, while others appear to be in the process of being fulfilled in our time. Yet other prophecies are clearly not yet started.  Reviewing this list gives us a better understanding of where we are on the Biblical Time Line. 

Jubilee Cycles:
Jubilee Years are based on the Shemitah Years which occur every 7th year.  Seven Shemitahs makes a Shemitah of Shemitahs.  
(7x7=49 years is the Shemitah of Shemitah cycle period.)  The year following the 7th Shemitah Year is a Jubilee Year.  The Jubilee Year follows the 7th Shemitah Year thus becoming the 50th year.  However, if we keep the Shemitah cycle going every 7 years, then the next Jubilee year is also the first year of the next Shemitah cycle, in which case the next Jubilee year follows 49 years after the first.  However, if you start the next Shemitah cycle after the Jubilee Year then you have Jubilee years occurring every 50 years, however, this breaks the 7 year cycle.  Bible scholars are in a disagreement are to which version is correct.   The following is based on the 49 year cycle which keeps the 7 year cycle in tack.

The 40th Jubilee since Jesus Crucifixion:
The number 40 has special meaning in the Bible, and is repeated a number of times in the Bible.  It rained for 40 days and 40 nights as Noah and his family rode out the flood in the Ark.  The Great Flood was a punishment for men's sinful ways.  The Israelites wandered 40 years in the desert in repentance for disobeying God.  Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and was tempted by Satan.  After Jesus' Resurrection he remained for 40 days until he ascended to Heaven.  The period of time of 40 in the Bible is understood as a period of repentance and redemption for past sins.  So it is of special interest to Christians around the world that this Jubilee Year is the 40th since Jesus was Crucified in Jerusalem in 31 AD.  Will this 40th Jubilee finalize the end period of repentance and redemption for mankind, and usher in the start of a new period?  Many believers feel something important is about to happen from God.  

The 70th Jubilee, 2015-2016:
The numbers seven and seventy both have special meanings in the Bible.  God created the Heavens and Earth in six days and rested on the seventh day.  God had completed his task by the seventh day.  From this God established the week which is completed on Saturday and is a day of rest.  In Daniel 9:24 we have the following:
Seventy weeks are determined for your people and your holy city, 
To finish the transgression,
To make an end of sins,
To make reconciliation for iniquity,
To bring everlasting righteousness,
To seal up vision and prophecy,
And to aniont the Most Holy.  
This prophecy from Daniel is about restoring Jerusalem until the Messiah returns in a period of seventy!
In Matthew 18:22 Jesus tells Peter to forgive not just seven times, but seventy times seven.  So seven and seventy have the Biblical meaning of perfect completion.  
The Israelites spent 70 years in captivity away from God's Holy city in Jerusalem.  
So this coming 70th Jubilee Year will very likely have very special meaning for mankind.  It could be God's time of Perfect Completion for Redemption.  Be prepared!  Be right with God.  

The Jubilee Year starts with a Partial Eclipse. 
The Jubilee Year starts with a Solar Eclipse: 
As the Jewish New Year begins on September 13, 2015, Rosh Hashana a Partial Solar Eclipse will be taking place over the Indian Ocean.  Jewish Rabbis consider a solar eclipse to mean a harsh period of time for countries of the world.   

This Super Moon Lunar Eclipse will be seen in Israel in the western morning sky. 
The Final Blood Moon of the Tetrad:
As seen from Jerusalem this Lunar Eclipse will be seen in the early morning sky just before sunrise.  The Moon will be a super moon which means it will apear larger then normal, and will we setting in the Western sky.  A Red Lunar Eclipse has the meaning of a sword coming for the whole world.  If the Eclipse is at dawn the calamity is considered to be forth coming.  This eclipse will happen the evening of Sunday Sept. 27 in the Western Hemisphere and the morning of Monday Sept. 28 in Europe, Middle-East  and Africa.  (See more details at the bottom of the Blood Moons page.)

The Calm Before the Storm

In September of this year we viewed the last Tetrad of four Blood Moons. The four Blood Moons were the final warning signs from God. Many people believed that events would occur during this time, yet others believed that the Blood Moons signaled the beginning of events.  Nothing seems to be happening right now following the 4 Blood Moons, so many people are feeling it is all over, but this is just an illustion. Look at the trends of the fundimentals. 
DOW Jones Industrial Chart 2015Stock Market Crash
The Stock market did drop 2500 points from its high in mid May to its low the third week in August. This was greater then the 2008 crash of 777 points. Some financial forecasters such as Harry Dent are saying the market will drop further due to cycle trends and demographics. In fact a number of financial experts are saying the markets could drop as much as 60% making it a greater crash then the 1929 crash. 
World Wide Bank Crisis
There appears to be a banking crisis around the world as countries are printing money everywhere at alarming rates. This has never happened before in world history. History shows us that when a country attempts to print its way out of debt, the country fails and collapses. The national debt is pegged at 18 trillion dollars, (the most in world history) but the total debt of all liabilities is over ten times greater. In fact it is greater than the amount all goods and services of everything on the planet. We have been set up to fail. Gold and silver as the coin of exchange has been replaced by fiat paper money. This will not be a happy ending for America as we have seen in numerous countries in the last 100 years.
On the Brink of World War III 
In the Middle East ISIS is beheading Christians just as the Bible predicted. The Russians are moving into the Middle East. Obama pulls USA forces out therefore giving the Russians what they have wanted for a hundred years, control of the world's oil supply.  America has signed a peace treaty with Iran, a country that vows to destroy Israel and America. In this treaty our bankrupt nation is giving our enemy 160 billion dollars. Nothing in this treaty stops Iran from building a bomb and developing ICBMs that can strike Israel and America! It is treason to give aid and comfort to this nations enemies, but that is exactly what our leaders are doing. Supply them with the means to destroy us!
The stage has been set for World War III. Just Goggle "World War III" and see how many people are talking about it.
So this is just the calm before the storm. It is coming. The Blood Moons were the warning signs of danger to come. When it hits the world will be changed forever.

<< A number of modern day prophets are seeing visions of what is coming. American cities on fire. People rioting because there is no food. The military rounding up Christians and sending them off to detention camps, and a surprise attack on America from Russia, China or North Korea. Watch and listen to new interviews in the left column.     

Gunman targets Christians at an Oregon Community College.   
Christians Targeted for Murder in Oregon.
Roseburg, OR Oct. 1, 2015:  A gunman asks students at an Oregon College if they are Christian.  If they said yes, he shot them in the head; if they did not answer he shot them in the leg. The government and media treat this story as a gun control issue, not as a hate crime. Before the bodies were cold President Obama said we need to politicize this to control guns. This story is similar to the Charleston SC shooting where a gunman targeted Christians at a Bible study. He shot and killed many members of the class.  The press again treated it not as a mental health/ hate crime against Christians but as a race/ gun control issue.      
Nazi's round up Jews who have no guns.
Nazis round up Jews who have no guns to fight back.  They are sent to death camps in the Holocaust.   
Will History Repeat? Nazis disarm the German people.
Disarming the German population began in 1928 by the liberal Wiemar republic of Germany’s first comprehensive gun control law. When the Nazis seized power in 1933, massive searches and seizures of firearms from political opponents began.  After five years of repression and eradication of dissidents, Hitler signed a new gun control law in 1938, which benefited Nazi party members, but denied firearm ownership to enemies of the state.  When the SS Storm Troopers came to get the Jews, the Jews had no way to fight back. If the Socialist in Washington overturn the Second Amendment, the same thing will happen in America with both Christians and Jews targeted for the round-up. A second Holocaust has already begun in the Middle East and could very likely come to America as followers of the Anti-Christ wage war on Christians.  
Ten Commandments in OK The Ten Commandments display is removed from the OK Capital grounds.  

A Statue of Satan is errected in Detroit the same weekend OK removes the Ten Commandments.
Satan Statue appears the same weekend
the Ten Commandments disappears.

Oct. 5, 2015:  America continues to move away from God and toward Evil as symbolized by the removal of the Ten Commandments in the middle of the night. The removal comes as a result of the OK Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandment display violates the State Constitution.  The Saturday before in Detroit a 12 foot high statue of Satan appears, thus casing an evil shadow over the whole nation. The Throne of Satan appeared in Berlin bring great evil to Germany and the world. Will this image of Satan bring great evil to America? God's laws are banished in OK while Satan the avowed enemy of God appears in Detroit. It appears that America chooses the evil lies of Satan instead of the truth and light of God.     
Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Antoin Scalia
Justice Antonin Scalia found dead.
Feb. 13, 2016: U. S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is discovered dead in his room at a west Texas resort ranch. Many of the guest were from a very secret hunting society. Owner of the ranch a wealthy businessman who has been a supporter of Obama found the body, but failed to call the police and no autopsy of the body was preformed. The day before on radio, Christian historian David Barton was quoted, "We are just one Supreme Court Justice away from losing the Constitution." Justice Scalia was the leading conservative  Constitutional voice in the Supreme Court. His untimely death creates an opening for President Obama to appoint yet another Liberal Activist Judge to the Bench which will tip the government to an anti-Constitutional court.  A number of people are suggesting that foul play under suspicious circumstances was involved in Scalia's death. We will never know the cause of death as no autopsy was preformed to determine cause of death.  President Obama did not attend the funeral of Justice Scalia, which was the first time in U.S. history a sitting President did not attended the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice.  Listen to audio about Scalia suspicious death.  

Saudi Fighter Jets
Saudi Military Fighter Jets in training

Damascus war ruins
Vast areas of Damascus are now bombed out ruins.
Operation Northern Thunder prepping for World War III  
Feb. 15. 2016: In northern Saudi Arabia 350,000 troops are engaged in war game training programs. They are supported by 20,000 tanks and 2500 airplanes. Will this very large force be put into combat in Syria?  Putin is reported to have deployed nuclear weapons into the area and has ordered his generals to use these weapons if necessary.  Pakistan has joined the training maneuvers and this country has nuclear weapons also. Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter jet, and is shelling across the boarder into Syria. Putin has warned that if ground troops enter Syria it will be the start of World War III.
Recent drone images of Damascus show much of the city in ruins.  Over 350,000 civilians have been killed; most of them Christians. Biblical prophecy says that in the End Times Damascus will be totally destroyed. If fighting continues in Syria with new armies invading, it is possible the city could be totally destroyed.

Mar. 15, 2016:  Operation Northern Thunder ends without an invasion of Syria, and abruptly Russian troops start pulling out of Syria making many observers wonder if a secret deal has been made. At least for now the outbreak of WWIII seems to have ended.
One World Currency
A Rothschild magazine cover shows world currencies burning replaced by a One World Currency. (The date on the coin is 2018!)
The Death of Money and the Mark of the Beast
In February Japan's banks have set interest rate below zero for the first time in world history! What does that mean? It means the banks will no longer pay you to keep your money, instead they will charge you. No one will want to buy Treasury Bonds or put money into Saving Accounts as you will lose money. 
The Federal Reserve has notified banks to stress test what would happen with negative interest rates. The International Bank Cartel has warned of future bank failures.  A One World Order could come about as a result of having a one world currency or just digital money.  This is the objective plan of the International Banks to create a cashless society. Once this happens people would lose control of their wealth, and be at the mercy of the bankers or governments. 
A new all digital currency could replace printed money, and micro chips with all your banking info could be placed under your skin. This technology is being tested. The Bible prophesied a time will come when men will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast on their arms or foreheads.  
WARNING: Once you agree to an electronic currency system, crooks, banks, and governments can steal your money with just a few key strokes.
Read Rick Wiles take on the International Banks recent moves moving us toward a cashless society. 2/19/16  
Listen to Dr. Katherine Albrect talk about the coming embeddable chip technology which could some day be used to buy and sell. 12/9/15  
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation for breach of national security with an illegal home server containing highly classified emails.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump is a liberal billionaire who says he will make America great again with sketchy details. He is more interested in making deals than following the U.S. Constitution.
End of America as We Know It
Mar. 2, 2016  Glenn Beck interviews a Washington Think Tank Annalist who says a Hillary Presidency will be a continuation of the Obama Presidency. Both people studied Rules of Radicals a socialist primer on how to overthrow America; written by Saul Alinsky and the book is dedicated to Lucifer (Satan). The annalist went on to say if we continue on our present course of action in the Middle East "We are all going to be killed!"

As the Primary Elections progress, it appears Hillary (Dem) and Trump (GOP) may be the Presidential Candidates. Hillary who is a Socialist is under FBI investigation for breach of National Security by keeping highly classified emails on an unsecured illegal private server. She also openly lied about an Internet Video as the cause of the Benghazi attack when she knew it was an Islamic Terrorist Attack from the beginning. In July FBI director Comey reads a long list of charges against Hillary of which she appears guilty then amazingly he ends the press conference by saying the FBI does not recommend bring charges against HRC.

Donald Trump a billionaire is running on the GOP ticket. His campaign style is to tell everyone, "We are losing and I will make us great again." There is little real plan behind this, it is just what the people want to hear and so many people are voting for him. Both Trump and Obama are very self centered using the words, "I" and "me" in their speeches. None of the front runners appear to have a strong Christian faith.  Retired Gen. William Boykin said on Glenn Beck Show said, If Hillary, Bernie or Trump are elected it will mean the end of America as we have known it. On the other hand Trump appears to be independent of the One World Order secret society that is working to destroy America. 

The Obama Administration puts millions of young girls in jeopardy by allowing boys to enter girls bathrooms and shower rooms.
Transgender Bathrooms
May 13, 2016: Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in a written statement entitled “U.S. Departments of Justice and Education Release Joint Guidance to Help Schools Ensure the Civil Rights of Transgender Students” which was posted on Friday.  In this edict from the Justice Department the Obama regime is requiring all schools to allow boys who feel they are girls to use the girls bathrooms and lockers.  If any school does not comply with this decree the school will face withholding of Federal Funds.  This is an example of tyrannical rule without the consent of the People.  Of course this decree will put many young girls in harms way.   

Site of the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando FL, considered to be one of the largest shotting in American history, and the largest terrorist attack since 9-11 when nearly 3000 people were killed. 
World Wide Terrorism by the Religion of Peace
Nov. 13, 2015: Islamic Gunmen massacre 130 people at the Stade de France stadium in Paris France.
Dec. 3, 2015: A Muslim couple gun down 16 employees at a Christmas Party in San Bernardino, CA.
Apr. 9, 2016: Muslim men set off a bomb at the Brussels Airport killing 32 people.
Jun. 12, 2016: Orlando, FL. Omar Mateen 29 who pledged allegiance to the Islamic Terrorist group ISIS entered the Gay Pulse night club and gunned down 49 people.
Jul. 15, 2016: Nice, France. A Muslim immigrant from North Africa drives a truck at high speed through crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing 80 people. 
Jul. 22, 2016: Munich, Germany. A Muslim from the Middle East opens fire in the city killing 9 people.
There are many more Jihadist attacks around the world, too numerous to list here.       
Donald Trump GOP Presidential Candidate
Donald Trump gets a standing ovation from Christian Evangelical Leaders in NYC.
Donald Trump meets with Evangelical Leaders
Jun. 21, 2016: Presidential Candidate Donald Trump meets with 1000 Evangelical leaders in NYC.  Trump does not give a speech but instead takes questions from Christian leaders and pastors.  During this time he states three times that as president he will act to get rid of the IRS muzzle law (501c3) on pastors. This law was introduced by Senator Lydon Johnson back in 1954 which forbids pastors from talking about elections from the pulpit.  It appears that Trump is a friend of Christians not an enemy, as he would work to restore Christian moral values back into society.  Rick Wiles reported that Trump looked and acted very presidential.  At the end of the meeting Trump received a standing ovation from the Evangelical Leaders.  Listen to Rick Wiles talk about the NYC Trump meeting. (Talks about the 501c3 about 40 minutes into the audio.)  

British PM David Cameron said he will step down as PM following the BREXIT vote.
Jun. 22, 2016:  Globalism is defeated in the UK. This week voters in the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union (EU) by a sizable margin. This is viewed as a rejection of the One World Government being imposed on the world by International Corporations, International Bankers and the secret organizations which work in secret behind closed doors to control world affairs, gain power and wealth. After BREXIT vote PM David Cameron who supported staying in the EU said would step down as PM.  View Dick Morris video on the BREXIT vote.  
Harvested baby parts
Harvested Baby Parts at an abortion clinic.
Abortion Ruling
Washington D.C. - Jun. 26, 2016:  US Supreme Court has ruled against the State of Texas rules limiting Abortion on demand.  Supreme Court ruling is in direct opposition to the Bible in which God abhors the killing of innocent babies, so will God bring judgment on America?  
Read full story>> at NewsMax
The new Noah's Ark in Kentucky
A full size replica of Noah's Ark opens to the public on July 7, 2016.
Noah's Ark appears in Kentucky
Williamstown, KY - Jul. 7, 2016: Jesus' apostles asked him what would be the signs of the end times. He told them it would be like in the times of Noah, where Noah built an Ark by God's command and the people mocked him. In July a second full size Ark appears in Kentucky and the government controlled schools tell parents not to let their children see this foolish Ark. Another possible sign of the end times?  The Ark measures about 450 feet in length, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet tall. That is about one and a half football fields long and 4 stories tall. It has about 3.1 million board feet of wood in it. 
Incirlik AB Turkey
Chief of Staff greeted by the base commander Incirlik AB, July 30, 2016
Balance of Power Tipping Point in the Middle East
Turkey - Aug. 9, 2016: Turkey is part of NATO and a shared Turkey/America Air Base is at Incirlik Turkey. On the American side we have B1 bombers with nuclear bombs.  In June Turkey cut off electric power to the America side of the base and blocked the entrance to the base so no-one could enter or exit. At the end of July Turkish news papers reported a large number of Islamic fighters surrounding the base.  This situation is so ominous that the Top Military Commander at the Pentagon visited the base to assess the situation at the end of July. If the Islamic fighters overrun the base they could capture a large number of Hydrogen Bombs and American Bombers, which would totally change the balance of power in the Middle East if not the world. This story is being totally ignored by the American Press. Also there was an attempted military cue in Turkey and now a shake up of power which is in the mix thus complicating the situation. Six thousand members of the failed cue have been eliminated. On Aug. 9 Turkey signed a deal for gas pipe line with Russia. On Aug. 10 Turkey a NATO member signed an agreement with Russia to share military equipment and intelligence info. So we now have a NATO member who is becoming a close ally with Russia which puts our military base in Turkey at risk. It is now being reported the US is redeploying tactical weapons to a base in Romania. This story continues to unfold.       

Kim Jong-Un
 Kim Jong-Un boast he can now strike the USA with nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un
North Korea growing Nuclear Threat.
N.Korea - Sept. 2016: North Korea recently tested another nuclear bomb and has test fired missiles capable of carrying atomic war heads. Additionally North Korea has a satellite in orbit which passes over the the USA twice each day  and may be carrying a WMD. North Korea stated in September that they can strike the USA at any time. In the past South Korea has been quiet about North Korean saber rattling, but now they are openly talking about a first strike against North Korea. The USAF flew a B1 bomber over South Korea (mid-Sept) as a show of support for South Korea. Tensions on the Korean peninsula haven't been this high since the Korean war. A nuclear missile attack by North Korea could easily trigger the start of World War III.    
Arch of Baal in New York City
Arch to the Temple of Baal in NYC.
The Arch of Baal is erected in NYC.
NYC - Sep. 19, 2016: Baal was a false God in the Old Testament. People would sacrifice their babies to the image of Baal which angered the God of the Israelites. God allowed the land of Israel and Judea to be conquered by the Babylonians and the Israelites become their slaves.  On September 19 the evil arch of Baal was erected in New York City. This arch of Baal is a new symbol of America's embracing the sin of killing the unborn in abortion clinics. Soon after the unveiling of the arch, rioting erupted in Charlotte, NC.  
Internet Warning - Web Site No Longer Available
In the future web sites can be banned from the Internet and you will see the message "Web Page Not Available"
U.S. giving away control of the Internet.
Washington DC - Oct. 2, 2016: The Obama administration is turning control of the Internet over to foreign nations. Both Russia and China will now have the ability to censor web sites they do not like. There will be less and less freedom of the press on the Internet as countries that already limit the flow of information to their citizens will now be able to censor web sites in the United States. This is an intentional move by our government to undermine the First Amendment of the Constitution. The likely targets for censorship will be web sites which criticize governments and / or Christian web sites.  This turn over of the Internet is scheduled for the last day of the Jubilee Year. This will further weaken America's voice in the world.  

IMF move will likely weaken the U.S. dollar, and possibly make the Yuan the international currency of choice.

U.S. Dollar likely to weaken in October.
China - Oct. 4, 2016: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be adding the Chinese Yuan to the basket of currencies that can be traded in international banking transactions. Since World War II the U.S. dollar has been the main currency of exchange especially when buying oil. This is scheduled to occur in early Oct. when the IMF meets to officially include the Chinese Yuan. This weakening of the dollar will likely cause price increases in many products in the U.S.  The socialist will blame price increases on greedy capitalist businesses, but the real cause will be the international bankers who control the money supply and the Federal Reserve Banks who have lately been printing large amounts of our fiat currency. This action will further weaken America in the world. 
Russia arming for World War III
Russian military getting ready for war.
Russia Preparing for World War III
Russia - Oct. 10, 2016: It has been reported in the second week of October that Russia has been conducting air raid drills of 40 million of its citizens.  They have also conducted three test missile launches. In addition they have told all Russians living in the USA to return to Russia. Russian news spokesman says if Hillary is elected it means WWIII. These are all dire signs that we are heading to war with Russia, and American leaders make treats against Russia. Listen to Pastor Rick Wiles as he issues his most somber warning in 18 years of his ministry. Rick first issues his warning then tells the events of the week which causes him to issue his warning the Sword is Coming.

Oct. 28: Shortly before the U.S. election a Russia general flew to the USA and met with a American general. In this secret meeting neither man wore their uniforms so this was an unofficial meeting. The message the Russian general gave was: We do not want war, but if war comes it will be a nuclear war. If Hillary Clinton is elected there will be war! Obviously the Russians got Hillary's emails and knew what she was up to, and that is why they were preparing for war.  
2016 Election results by counties
The majority of counties in America voted for Trump with pockets voting for Clinton.
Donald Trump elected 45th U.S. President 
Nov. 9, 2016: Donald Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States. This is a rejection of a One World Government; a world without international boarders, as Trump vows to build a wall on the southern U.S. boarder thus reconfirming the sovereignty of the USA. Trump's main theme was "Make America Great Again" which is an out right rejection of the internation globalism movement and UN Agenda 21 goals. -- In the End Times, Satan will atemp to establish a One World Government where he rules the earth.   NEW

Model of proposed Third Temple.
Israel's Sanhedrin calls for building of the 3rd Temple.
Nov. 16, 2015: In a letter to Russia's Putin and President-elect Trump, the Israeli Sanhedrin call for the two world leaders to support the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  The second Temple was where Jesus taught and was destroyed by the Roman Army in 70 AD. It is prophesied that the Temple will be rebuilt. (Revelation 11:1, 2; Daniel 9:27) The rebuilding will be a clear sign of the End Times.  Presently the site of the Temple is occupied by the Dome of the Rock Mosque. As many Muslims want the end Times to arrive they might agree to the building of the Third Temple to accelerate the coming of their Caliphate. 
Read more on this story.  NEW

UN Security Council votes against Israel. USA abstains in blocking the resolution  against Israel. 
Obama Administration acts against Israel
Dec. 24, 2016:  In an unprecedented act the USA rebuked Israel by abstaining in UN Security Council resolution against Israel settlements. This resolution demands an immediate end to Israeli settlements.  The resolution was passed 14-0 followed by loud applause.  President-elect Trump called for a veto of the resolution but the Obama administration pushed ahead to act against Israel as one of Obama's last acts in office. On Jan. 5, 2017 the U.S. House voted to rebuke the UN resolution.
In Genesis God warns nations not to act against Israel.  
And I will bless those who bless you. (Israel)
And the one who curses you I will curse.  
[Genesis 12:3 NAS]   

Inauguration at the Capitol Building.
Trump to be sworn in as 45th President
Donald Trump is to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America on Jan. 20, 2017.  Interestingly on that date Donald Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old! Remember the cows with 7 on their heads? Almost like the hand of God on Trump as he takes office. The Far Left Zealots plan to disrupt the Inauguration Day Celebration with there Socialist protest. There is also news of a possible plot to assassinate Trump by the Deep State Shadow government.   Listen to News report. Many people believe it was the Deep State that assassinated President Kennedy. Please pray for God's protection of president Trump.   NEW

A cow named Ben is born at the beginning of the 70th Jubilee Year.
The Number 7 Appears Again
Michael Snyder laid out a number of days with 7's on the Jim Bakker Show on Jan. 17, 2017.
  • Israel was 77 days old exactly 777 days after Trump was born.
  • Israel's 70th birthday will come exactly 700 days after Trump's 70th birthday. 
  • Trump won the election on Netanyahu's 7th year, 7th month and 7th day in office. 
  • Donald Trump was born exactly 700 days before Israel became a nation. 
  • Donald Trump will take the oath of office on the day he is 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old.
  • This happens in the Hebrew Calendar Year 5777. 
  • This happens just after the 70th Jubilee Year has finished. 


During a Jubilee Year a nation that honors and obeys God will be blessed; however, a nation that rejects God and his laws will face God's Judgment.  America's leaders have openly defied and mocked God in during this Jubilee year. In the Old Testament God lifted his hand of protection from Israel and Israel's enemies defeated them. It has been prophesied that God will lift his hand of protection from America, and we will soon face a surprise attack from our enemies.

Aug. 30, 2016
Jonathan Cahn said on the Jim Bakker show that judgment has started. It will not matter if a liberal president is elected as we are already passed the tipping point, and the ball is rolling down hill. America can only be saved if we turn back to God by electing a strong man of faith who can stop the ball of judgment by undoing the offenses to God.

How does Islam compare to Christianity?
Is Islam a threat to America and the West?

God brings us Light, Truth and Life
Satan brings us Darkness, Lies and Death

We will get down on our knees to God or

be forced on our knees by our enemies.

Satan plans to bring World War III to Earth
thus bringing Hell on all mankind.
God's plan is to bring Heaven to Earth,
and in the final battle, the anti-Christ and
his followers are defeated and God wins!
Jesus returns to rule the world from Jerusalem
for a thousand years of peace.

Prince of Peace
King of Kings
Savior of Mankind
The Lamb of God

The Alpha and Omega
The Christ
The Messiah

Restoring America
Learn how America has turned to God in the past, and how we now need to return back to God to be Restored. 

Godless America
Read the true story how the Communist used the U.S. courts to remove God from our public schools.

End Times Prophecy
Are we now living in the End Times?
A look at Prophecies from the Bible, the Koran, and other writings.

Listing of Jubilee Years
This listing is based on an unbroken 49 year Shemitah Cycle.
1   1367 BC
2   1318 BC
3   1269 BC
4   1220 BC
5   1171 BC
6   1122 BC
7   1073 BC
8   1024 BC
9      975 BC
10    926 BC
11    877 BC
12    828 BC
13    779 BC
14    730 BC
15    681 BC
16    632 BC
17    583 BC
18    534 BC
19    485 BC
20    436 BC
21    387 BC
22    338 BC
23    289 BC
24    240 BC
25    191 BC
26    142 BC
27      93 BC
28      44 BC
29        6 BC
30      55 AD
31    104 AD
32    153 AD
33    202 AD
34    251 AD
35    300 AD
36    349 AD
37    398 AD
38    447 AD
39    496 AD
40    545 AD
41    594 AD
42    643 AD
43    692 AD
44    741 AD
45    790 AD
46    839 AD
47    888 AD
48    937 AD
49    986 AD
50  1035 AD
51  1084 AD
52  1133 AD
53  1182 AD
54  1231 AD
55  1280 AD
56  1329 AD
57  1378 AD
58  1427 AD
59  1476 AD
60  1525 AD
61  1574 AD
62  1623 AD
63  1672 AD
64  1721 AD
65  1770 AD
66  1819 AD
67  1868 AD
68  1917 AD
69  1966 AD
70   2015 AD

Discovering God in Science
During the End Times Satan will deceive the people not to believe in the Genesis story that God created the world and all living things. However, Satan's narrative that the universe and life happened in a natural way is fundamentally flawed by the laws of physics.
Learn more at Discovering God in Science.

Glenn Beck
August 18 Glenn Beck's new book It IS About Islam reaches bookstores across the nation.  Taking quotes from the Koran and the Hadith he shows how Islamic holy books teach the Jihad.

New in movie theaters this fall:

A new movie about the power of prayer will open in movie theaters across the country on Aug. 28, 2015.  The movie is receiving good reviews. Go to War Room to watch the trailer and find a theater near you.  
90 Minutes in Heaven
From the New York Times best selling book, '90 Minutes in Heaven' recounts the true story of a man who was killed in a traffic accident and went to Heaven.  A stopper-by decided to pray for the dead man and somehow he comes back to life and later recounts his experience in Heaven.
In movie theaters this fall.

AmericGeddon movie
AmeriGeddon is a movie of what would happen to America after an EMP bomb knocks out the electric grid.  This is an important movie to watch as it is a real possible threat to the American population. Watch the trailer.

Armageddon by Dick Morris
New book by political adviser Dick Morris exposes the corruption of Hillary Clinton. You can order the book on line.

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
Satan's Party

The Democrats have openly mocked Christian's by Obama sneering remarks they cling to their guns and Bibles. Hillary has said people will have to change there deeply held moral beliefs. Those that mock God, oppose God and therefore are anti-God which makes them followers of Satan. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton studied the book Rules for Radicals a Communist primer on how to make America into a Socialist State. In the front of this book is a dedication to Lucifer.  Carl Marx the founder of Communism said. "My goal is to destroy capitalism and to dethrone God."

Pastor William Branham's vision for America made 7 predictions in March 1933. Five and come true and the last two appear to be soon fulfilled.
  1. Benito Mussolini will become the dictator of Italy and invade Ethiopia. In the end the people kill him. 
  2. America will be drawn into World War II against Germany and Germany will be defeated, and Hitler is killed.  
  3. He saw Fascism, Nazism and Communism in the world. The first two will come to nothing but watch Russia and Communism. 
  4. There will be tremendous technology advances following World War II. I see egg shaped cars that drive themselves and people appear to be playing games in them. 
  5. Woman's fashions become very revealing where they are almost totally naked which is immoral. 
  6. A wicked woman who follows the wishes of powerful people rules America causing great harm to the people. 
  7. Great Explosions consume America leaving the nation in smoldering ruins.

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